America. Land of the free. Home of the fake.

You're probably always the douchebag to somebody.

This beautiful country of ours is founded on the principle of individuality and freedom.  We are a nation that proudly boasts of such a diverse culture that welcomes innovative thinking and progressive thoughts.  As a new generation begins to blossom, we seem to be simply diluting our individuality and freedoms by evolving into culture more interested in coddling and encouraging.  We have evolved from a society that pushed kids to try to win a first place trophy and instead give every kid a trophy because they all tried.  Really?  We are raising our children to believe that is okay to just try, and you will be rewarded.  As long as you put forth an effort, you get a trophy.  This is not a healthy mentality.  You get a reward for busting your ass and being the best at something.  Sure, encouragement is fine and dandy but it ends with simple encouragement.  As a parent, you can tell your kids they did a good job and boost their ego a little bit, but do not sit there and say everyone is a winner.  This is a false reality which will probably boost business for psychiatrists in the future because there are going to be tons of adults in therapy trying to figure out why they are not getting jobs or raises even though they really tried their best.  You know what, sometimes your best isn’t good enough.  Sometimes, somebody else’s best is just better than yours.  Deal with it.

This rant really came about because of an incident that occurred with social media and the Penn State molestation scandal.  Ashton Kutcher posted a tweet after Joe Paterno was fired.  The tweet stated, “How do your fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”  The tweet was more or less referring to how the university let the legendary coach go from his position.  People are divided heavily over this whole ordeal.  There are those that believe Paterno deserve the firing because he did not do enough to handle the situation.  The other side of the fence believes that Paterno reported his knowledge to the head of campus police and left it in the hands of campus police and the university.  I am not going to really go into discussion over who is right and wrong because a) I am not educated enough on the issue to determine that, and b) it is irrelevant to the point of my article.  I am more concerned over Kutcher’s backtracking after this tweet caused an uproar amongst his followers.  Kutcher apologized and is now turning his twitter account over to a management company to ensure he doesn’t make an ill-advised tweet again.  C’mon Ashton.  You make one mistake and it hurts your image a little bit so you turn over your “personal thoughts” over to a bunch of PR drones.  Man up.  We are a nation of convenience where integrity and individuality no longer matter.  Social media has made this society instant.  Everything is reported in the now, much like the way we speak on day-to-day basis.  Everyone has had those moments where we open our mouths and instantly know we should not have said that.  Social media has made those outbursts public and even more permanent.  Don’t be afraid of what you post, because, in fact, when you are typing those words, you probably mean it.  Modern society says that if a lot of people don’t like it, you should apologize for your rash and inconsiderate thoughts in order to improve your image.  It is turning us into a nation of politicians.  And EVERYONE loves politicians!  Every aspect of our lives is so political now.  School, work, athletics, entertainment, etc.  We are afraid to be offended.  Grow up.  That is such a childish way of thinking.  Do you think the founding fathers were sitting around debating over whether to create our nation and someone stood up and said, “You know, those guys across the pond might not really like this idea.  We will probably piss off the Brits and hurt their feelings because we don’t want to be a part of their country any more.”  Doubtful.  We are soft.  Our children are being raised soft.  We are being told to express ourselves BUT don’t do it if it’s going to offend anyone.  Huh?  Sure, that works in certain situations, but ultimately there are going to be issues where you speak your mind and people are going to get pissed off.  That’s human nature and that is never changing.

We need to stop being so sensitive.  Everybody in this country is so fake now.  We are now the country that teaches everyone to be polite and cordial in public and then go behind people’s backs to throw our insults around.  Perfectly healthy lifestyle.  It’s okay though, I’m sure they’ll make a pill to fix all of this in a few years.


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